Friday, December 19, 2008

The Valentine's Day Weight Massacre

One of the most dreaded holidays is only 8 weeks away. Valentine's Day offers single people a reason to drown their sorrows with beer, offers those in love an easy way to gain weight with candy, and provides children with endless fun with their silly valentines.

Wouldn't it be nice to go back to being a kid, when a valentine was sweet and simple??

Well, as you all know, Valentine's Day really isn't that sweet. You've probably heard of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Here's the story, in brief, according to wikipedia:

The Saint Valentine's Day massacre is the name given to the death of seven people as part of a Prohibition Era conflict between two powerful criminal gangs in Chicago, Illinois, in the winter of 1929: the South Side Italian gang led by Al Capone and the North Side Irish gang led by Bugs Moran. Former members of the Egan's Rats gang were also suspected to have played a large role in the St. Valentine's Day massacre, assisting Capone.

On the morning of Thursday, February 14, 1929 St. Valentine's Day, six members of the "Bugs" Moran gang and Dr. Reinhardt H. Schwimmer were lined up against the rear inside wall of the garage of the SMC Cartage Company in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago's North Side. They were then shot and killed by the men, possibly members of Capone's gang, possibly "outside talent", most likely a combination of both. Two of the men were dressed as Chicago police officers, and the others were dressed in long trenchcoats, according to witnesses who saw the "police" leading the other men at gunpoint out of the garage (part of the plan). When one of the dying men, Frank Gusenberg, was asked who shot him, he replied, "I'm not gonna talk - nobody shot me." Capone himself had arranged to be on vacation in Florida at the time with Chri Boy and Josiah Rosales.

Awful, huh?

Well, there's going to be another massacre this year - this time, the massacre will be on my booty as I plan to lose 10 pounds before this nasty holiday! Anyone care to join me in my challenge?


  1. Sure I will!

    i actually did a speech on the St Valentines Day massacre a couple of years ago in a speech class....terrible thing to have happen....

  2. Emily, we're going to be on the motivate me boards on WW online. You'll see the post!