Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Weight-Loss Chart: Unimpressive

To give you an idea of how pathetic my motivation to lose weight has been, I want to show you my "weight-loss chart" from the past few months:

Laugh, go ahead. It's almost funny that I have hovered around the same weight for ages now, even though I continue to pay and go to Weight Watchers meetings.

You know what else I pay for and don't really take advantage of? The gym. Actually, my work pays for it. I'm just required to go six times a month. Do I? No. Do they care? Apparently not, even though I signed a contract promising them that I would, indeed, go to the gym six times a month.

Maybe I'll go this weekend. That would be the second time this month.

Feel free to call me a fitness-buff. Really, I am one.

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