Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ahhh... the weekend!

I love my Saturdays. Usually, I go to Weight Watchers, then out to breakfast (funny, I know), then home to watch some sports, then out in the evening.

Not today! Zach is currently in his busiest time of year at work and scheduled a call with a potential client for this morning at 8am. It is still going, and it's currently 10:07 am. So much for Weight Watchers today, as well as the gym.  

I found a couple 5lb weights in my house so I did a few exercises - squats, lunges, arm exercises - so hopefully that will do the tiniest bit of good.

Later today, we are going to see Valparaiso play North Carolina. I am more than excited to boo at Tyler Hansboro. In fact, I plan on wearing my Kansas Jayhawk shirt. 

Immediately after the game, Zach and I are driving out to my sister's house to bring her birthday presents and to pick her up to go to the holiday party we have this evening. 

It is such a busy day! I'm not sure that I like my Saturdays to end up this way, but alas, on occasion, they do. Should be fun, just not relaxing. At all.

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  1. I got a kansas jayhawk shirt for this weekend as well! We're routing for the same team!