Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome to 2009

I don't know about you all, but I think 2008 flew by without me even realizing it.

In fact, it was just this weekend that I was saying to Zach, "I feel like it was just summer, but its actually the middle of stupid winter." Sucks. I hate the winter. However, I will say, the past two weeks have been mild weather and there has been little to no snow, which is just plain awesome.

So now, 2009 is here. I've made a couple resolutions:
1. I will look very nice for work on Monday-Thursday. Friday can be my only casual, fleece and winter boot day of the week.
2. I will make it to the gym more often. I won't promise a certain amount. I will just say more.
3. I will take Weight Watchers seriously. No more pretending to be on plan. No more estimating points. No more eye-balling serving sizes.
4. I will eat out because I really want to. Not because I don't feel like cooking.

What about you all? Any interesting resolutions? Mine are all a bit cliche, but you know what, it is what I need to work on.


  1. I'm definitely doing #4. Eating out is so expensive, and I'm trying to cook more.

    However, you and I do need to eat at Hopleaf soon. I'm craving a CB&J. You would love it!


    Check out this blog! Her recipes look insanely delicious. I'm trying the black bean soup in a week!

  3. How are you doing on your goals? Mine was to listen to myself more and work out more. So far averaging a b-/c+ on them.